Lucky Escape for Family in House Fire

A family living in Hill Lane, Blackrod had a lucky escape from a fire at their home thanks to an early dog walker on Saturday, 19 June 2010.

The fire is said to have started in a metal outhouse attached to the house. The flames had already spread to cause damage to the rear door and had caused the upstairs bedroom window to crack, where the couples four year old daughter was asleep.

The house was not fitted with any working smoke alarms and had it not been for the passerby alerting the family to the danger, the outcome could have been devastating.

Do not leave your fire safety to the chance of a passing dog walker, install smoke alarms and ask for advice from your fire brigade.  Many local fire brigades offer free safety checks and may be able to offer a free smoke alarm.

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New Safelincs Partner in France

Safelincs France was re-launched on the 1st of June with a new and fresh fire safety web site aimed specifically at the French market. This follows the change of our French partner earlier this year. Our new partner, Epsylone SARL, is widely known in France and already operates a number of fire safety related websites. Epsylone also operates a nationwide smoke alarm installation and servicing network ‘Flammes and Co‘.

We are expecting a substantial increase in smoke alarm sales in France due to changed legislation requiring smoke alarms in many types of buildings. Safelincs France will be well positioned for this increase due to its longterm relationship with quality suppliers such as Kidde and EI, offering a wide range of NF-certified smoke alarms and CO alarms.

Customer Survey Winner for May

Every month Safelincs offers their customers the chance to win £25 worth of ‘Love2shop’ high street vouchers.

In May the lucky winner was Brian Wootton of  Cambridge.  Having completed the customer survey questionnaire he was immediately entered into the prize draw.

Brian said  ” The equipment I ordered from you was installed and working well within a week of my initial order, delivery was extremely prompt and the goods arrived properly packed.  The advice given to me by Safelincs prior to my order proved sound and the installed safety equipment performs exactly as required by me and the local Fire Service ”

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Good Luck !

Man Saved From Home Fire by Neighbour

A 49 year old man, Mr Kennedy,  was rescued from a fire at his home by his neighbour. The fire started as a result of Mr Kennedy starting to cook his dinner but falling asleep whilst the meal was cooking.

The fire had already spread so much that the neighbour, Mr Hudson, was unable to enter the premises. Mr Hudson raised the alarm with the fire brigade and shouted up to the window for Mr Kennedy to wake up.

As a result of the neighbour’s actions Mr Hudson was able to escape the fire, but unfortunately his pet dog died in the blaze.

The blaze could have been prevented had Mr Hudson not left the cooker unattended or if a stove alarm would have been fitted.

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Solvents Factory Fire, Harworth

A fire broke out yesterday at Solvents for Safety, Plumtree Industrial Estate, Harworth. 80 Firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze on the Nottingham and South Yorkshire border.

There have been no reports of injuries, but due to the nature of the chemicals involved environmental issues had to be considered.

A number of houses were evacuated yesterday but the occupants have been allowed to return to their homes today. The cause of the fire is not yet known. An investigation will be carried out once the fire has been extinguished and the structure of the building secured.

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Cigarette fire safety

A fire in a flat in St Saviour, Jersey, was caused through a cigarette not being extinguished correctly.

The flat was severely damaged but luckily no one was injured.

It is paramount that cigarettes and all other smoking materials are put out completely to avoid such a fire outbreak. Do not put hot ashes or a newly extinguished cigarette into the bin. It may still be hot enough to ignite paper or other flammable materials and cause a house fire.

Ensure that you do not put sweet wrappers or paper of any sort into the ashtray. This could smoulder after you have put the cigarette out and ignite some time after you have left the room. Be aware of where you put your ashtray, keeping it away from upholstered furniture and curtains.

Always make one last check before going to bed at night and close all doors. This will keep a fire contained should one break out.

To read the full story follow this link to this fire caused by cigarettes.

Being fire safety savvy on holiday

At this time of year many people may be looking at booking a holiday or be getting ready to pack their bags in search of some sun. It is so easy to just think about what we need to put in the suitcase and forget about safety issues. A few quick tips may make your holiday a safer one.

Most hotels and B&B accommodations in the UK are equipped with the required smoke alarms and extinguishers to ensure the safety of those staying there. However, this is not always the case, especially in other countries where regulations may be more relaxed.

When you arrive at your destintion look to see if alarms are fitted and where extinguishers are placed. Make sure you know what type of fire extinguishers are installed and what they can be used on. Always establish where the fire exits are and check that they have not been blocked. Check to see if there is a secondary exit out of your hotel room and read the fire safety poster that should be in every room explaining the evacuation procedure.

If you are not happy with the safety standards and the fire protection in the hotel, notify your tour operator or talk to the hotel manager.

You may want to consider taking a portable smoke alarm with you on holiday to place in your room and ideally also a carbon monoxide alarm, which will alert you should there be any carbon monoxide present from gas boilers etc. Even if there is no gas applialce in your room it is important to remember that carbon monoxide can seep through walls and there may be hidden dangers in adjoining rooms.

If you are traveling with children make sure you have explained to them what they should do if the fire alarms were to go off. Show them the assembly place situated outside the building. Have some fun too, ask them to see how many extinguishers they can find.

Above all, enjoy your holiday and include your impression of fire safety issues in any reviews you may write about the place you stay at.