Landlord jailed for two and a half years

Michael Billings was found guilty of numerous breaches of fire safety, health and safety and gas safety regulations. His actions lead to a young woman being severely burnt when a fire broke out in a house of multiple occupancy that Mr Billings owned.

The fire broke out on 14 April 2009 in Miss Skalli’s bedsit. Due to the sash window of her room not opening more than 4 inches, Miss Skalli was unable to escape from the fire. She was found in the room with her hands covering her face, this was the only part of her body not burnt from the intense heat of the fire.

Fire fighters were anxious that Miss Skalli would not survive as she had suffered 80% deep tissue burns to almost all of her skin below her neck.

Other occupants of the building were either rescued by firefighters or used a drainpipe to climb to safety.

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