Protecting animals from fire

There is always a dilemma when protecting animals, kept in outside sheds, from fire. The high pitched sound of smoke alarms installed in the sheds causes distress to the animals and can seriously affect the animal’s health. On the other hand you have to detect fires in the sheds as quickly as possible if you are going to evacuate the animals in time to save their lives.

We help animal lovers and farmers overcome this problem by offering an alarm system with sensors placed in the sheds that will radio-interlink to the alarms fitted in the house. The fire detectors have their sounders de-activated but will alert you at your house should a fire break out in the sheds.

For further advice, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff at Safelincs on 01507 462176

Landlord jailed for two and a half years

Michael Billings was found guilty of numerous breaches of fire safety, health and safety and gas safety regulations. His actions lead to a young woman being severely burnt when a fire broke out in a house of multiple occupancy that Mr Billings owned.

The fire broke out on 14 April 2009 in Miss Skalli’s bedsit. Due to the sash window of her room not opening more than 4 inches, Miss Skalli was unable to escape from the fire. She was found in the room with her hands covering her face, this was the only part of her body not burnt from the intense heat of the fire.

Fire fighters were anxious that Miss Skalli would not survive as she had suffered 80% deep tissue burns to almost all of her skin below her neck.

Other occupants of the building were either rescued by firefighters or used a drainpipe to climb to safety.

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Mercy Ships Charity Auction

On Friday, months of preparation came to fruition as our Charity Auction for the benefit of Mercy Ships took place. We had some fantastic prizes to offer and we raised in excess of £1,700.

This event would not have been possible without the generosity of all those who donated something to the auction; our youngest donor, Rosie Morris, was just 7 years old. The evening entertainment included a magician, Andy Mayfield, who donated his amazing talents to the event and a fantastic five piece jazz band, the Pris McGirr Quintet.

We would also like to thank the Woodhall Spa Hotel who donated the hire of the room for the event. Their staff were very attentive throughout the evening.

Finally, a huge thank-you must go to all those who attended the event and gave so generously.

Safelincs Listed on Recommendation Website for Award Winners

We believe that customer care is the key to a successful business and have achieved 2 customer care awards in as many years.  Following these successes, a customer recommendation website, contacted us and have listed us in their selective directory of companies, having shown excellence in customer care and business  practice.

We think this recommendation site is very helpful to consumers, as it focuses on businesses that have proven themselves to be outstanding in customer service.

Customer Survey Winner

For a chance to win £25 ‘Love2Shop’ vouchers, all you need to do is complete the customer survey questionnaire after purchasing from our website.  The lucky participant wins the vouchers.

‘Love2Shop’ is a high street gift voucher that is accepted by over 80 leading retailers, including are House of Fraser, WH Smiths, HMV and New Look.

This month’s winner was from Cirencester.

For your chance to win, place an order at

EasyScape, making evacuation easy!

When you want to protect your family or staff and want to ensure that means of escape are available when they need them, it can be hard to find a suitable fire escape ladder that is both easy to store and fast to deploy.  Safelincs has addressed this issue and has developed a new fire escape ladder, the EasyScape. The ladder is simply clipped into eyebolts permanently fitted on the inside of the wall and then rapidly deployed. As the ladder is packed in a tight roll, it is small to store and will roll out quickly and without tangling. The EasyScape will also roll easily over sloping roofs, etc.  The ladder can be used in multiple locations by installing eye bolts under several windows. When the ladder is not in use it can be stored away neatly.

For more details go to EasyScape Ladder

Train your staff, protect lives!

A comprehensive range of on-site fire safety training and H+S training courses are now available from us – nationwide!  We make compliance with fire safety and H+S legislation easier for you by delivering training on-site without you loosing any unnecessary staff time other than for the training itself.

We offer Evacuation Training for your staff to learn how to evacuate elderly, immobile or fragile people correctly and swiftly in the case of a fire or other emergency with the use of evacuation sheets and evacuation chairs. These courses are aimed at nursing home and hospital staff.

We can offer Fire Safety Awareness Training and Fire Warden Training to your staff, as well as Safe Manual Handling and General Health and Safety Training in the Workplace (Level 1 and 2)

See Professional Training Services for details

Mercy Ships Auction Night

We have spent the last few months organising a charity auction for our company charity, Mercy Ships. The event will take place tomorrow night, May the 7th, at Woodhall Spa Hotel, Woodhall Spa at 7.30pm.

We have had tremendous support from the local community with businesses and local residents supporting the auction with donations. Our auction lots include a jewellery making session, family photo shoot, ride in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4s, party package for 6 people pottery painting, a painting, a wooden carved bowl and much much more, in total over 30 lots.

The event will also include a magician and a five piece jazz band playing to entertain after the auction has finished.

All are welcome; Woodhall Spa Hotel is situated on The Broadway, close to the little roundabout in the center of Woodhall Spa (LN10 6ST)