Cadburys send Safelincs into chocolate turmoil

Safelincs, the UK’s largest online fire safety company provide staff with free refreshments and snacks consisting of fruit for the health conscious and chocolate for the vast majority. After some deliberations the choice of chocolate stocked was changed, as we wanted to avoid sweets with palm oil. Cadburys scored high on the politically correct palm oil rating, allowing our staff to enjoy their chocolate with a clear environmental conscience.

We were saddened when Cadbury was taken over by US food giant Kraft, making it no longer a British owned company, but as Kraft had pledged not to close any of the factories down, we continued to buy their products.

Now with the announcement of the first closure of the Somerset plant, Somerdale, it appears that Kraft are going against the pledges made to push the deal through.

Safelincs are now in a quandary whether to continue to buy Cadbury products or to search for alternative snacks. With the British economy still struggling to get back on to an even keel, we are looking at ways to support local businesses with our custom. At the moment we are considering products created by our Alford bakeries. Watch this space for the outcome, while I try another taster!

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