Mercy Ships Fundraising Success

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We have just come back from the annual fundraising ball of Mercy Ships, Safelincs’ chosen charity. This charity runs a hospital ship that sails to the poorest countries in the world and delivers operations that change the lives of the recipients. The ship is manned by volunteers, who not only give their skills and time to help those less fortunate, but also contribute to their own board and lodgings whilst on the ship.

We were privileged to be sat with the founder of Mercy Ships and with one of their main supporters, an eye surgeon and it was fascinating to hear the story of how the charity was created and how much the charity has already helped (over 408000 operations so far!). At the table were also sat a couple, who along with their children aged 15, 13 and 10 years are about to join the ship for a period of two years.

In comparison to this, our own fundraising seems to be a drop in the ocean, but every little does count and each and every person who attended the ball and who donated prizes to the raffle and auction has given something.

Angie, our HR Manager is now planning to organise some fundraising events with the help of her colleagues. Watch this space for developments.

Visit the Mercy Ships website

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