Free Carbon Monoxide Alarms for Neighbourhood Project in Thatto Heath

Ei21ENRC Safelincs recently worked in partnership with Re:New Thatto Heath, a Neighbourhood Management project run by St Helens Council and social housing provider, Helena Partnerships, to supply residents with 100 carbon monoxide alarms free of charge.

Safelincs are pleased to be associated with this organisation who work with local residents to improve their local neighbourhood.

The carbon monoxide alarms were distributed by the local fire officer and an outreach worker spoke to residents about the product.

Fire Extinguisher Commissioning

If you are simply replacing your existing fire extinguishers, we are now offering an optional add-on in the checkout when you are purchasing fire extinguishers. Our new fire extinguisher commissioning includes the delivery and the initial service (called commissioning) of the new extinguishers on site!

Commissioning is different to our installation service, as it does not include wall-hanging or correct siting of your new extinguishers. This reduces your costs significantly. Of course, if you never had extinguishers installed at the premises before, you can still choose the fire extinguisher installation option rather than commissioning, as the installation option will include correct siting of the extinguishers in the best position and fixing them to the wall.
If you are entirely unsure of how many extinguishers you require, we can offer you a site survey. Any queries, just ring 0800 612 2946