Aico Smoke and CO Alarms installed by 2010 Rotherham Ltd

Ei21ENRC Arm’s Length Management Organisation 2010 Rotherham Ltd is installing Aico Ei261ENRC mains powered Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms into its properties, interconnected with Aico Ei166RC Optical Smoke Alarms.

The alarms are being fitted as part of 2010 Rotherham’s capital programme.  The CO alarms are a new improvement to the tenants’ homes and are being installed in rooms where a solid fuel or an open flued appliances exists.

It was chosen to interconnect the CO and smoke alarms together due to the fact that CO alarms need to be close to the appliance most likely to produce CO fumes – often away from bedrooms – and so there is a danger that an occupant sleeping upstairs may not hear the CO alarm.

By interconnecting with the smoke alarms, all the alarms – CO and smoke – sound.  To ensure the appropriate action is then taken (which differs depending on whether it’s a CO leak or a fire), an Ei1529RC Alarm Control switch has been installed in the main hallway, which has a ‘Locate’ function that can be used to identify the source of the alarm.

Billy Brooks, Electrical Project Manager at 2010 Rotherham, comments on the choice of alarm manufacturer: “We’ve been using Aico smoke alarms for quite a long time.  Aico is one of the manufacturers to supply alarms with Lithium cells instead of batteries (as a back up to the main supply), which solved the problem of the batteries being removed.  They also gave a good guarantee, with 10 years on the Lithium cell and five on the alarm.  These were the reasons why we included Aico products into our specification.

“We started fitting the Aico CO alarms into vulnerable properties, i.e. those with solid fuel and open flued appliances and we have now included it into the specification for our Decent Homes programme.”

The Ei261ENRC CO Alarm from Aico features the latest generation electrochemical type CO sensor which automatically checks CO levels in the environment every 80 seconds.  It comes with high and low level LED indicators with a special pre alarm LED indication for detection of CO at 50ppm and a memory feature which enables the user to tell if CO has been detected during a period of absence.  The alarm also comes with a cost-saving replaceable CO sensor design and quick CO Gas test facility.

Both the Ei261ENRC CO Alarm and the Ei166RC Optical Smoke Alarm benefit from 10 year+ Lithium cell back-up supply, hush button for false alarm control, separate mains and warning LEDs, Easi-fit fixing system for reduced installation time and effort and a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

All Aico alarms are designed and manufactured in Ireland and meet UK standards and regulations.

Safelincs join forces with Fire Kills campaign

Safelincs are proud to announce that they have been invited to become a stakeholder in the Government’s Fire Kills campaign.

The most recent campaign delivered the message ‘Pull Your Finger Out’ to encourage people to check their smoke alarms more frequently.

To support this message in context with the relatively new online fire safety market, Safelincs will shortly be offering all their customers a free service to remind them when alarm batteries or smoke alarms are due for replacement. An additional weekly/monthly ‘have you checked your alarm’ reminder service will also be offered.

Safelincs offer a wide range of smoke alarms and a smoke alarm advice section is available.

Sentry MS Safes now in stock!

In partnership with Sentry Safe UK, Safelincs are running a limited special offer on the new range of Sentry MS safes.

Designed for both home and office use, these safes are designed to protect digital media such as CDs, DVDs and memory sticks. The Sentry MS range offers 60 minutes protection against fire, has  an overnight insurance rating of £1000 cash and £10 000 valuables and has the capacity to hold up to 75 standard case CD-ROMs and up to 150 jewel case CD-ROMs.

The Sentry MSW0809 model is ETL verified for water resistance in up to 8? of water for up to 24 hours. The safes come with a standard one year guarantee, as well as a replacement lifetime guarantee should the safe ever be involved in a fire.

The MSW0807 is available at £279.00 Inc VAT with free next day delivery. For more information on the MS0807 and our other range of safes, visit

Special Offer:WAS £294.99 Inc VAT Now:£279.00 inc VAT

New Smoke Alarm System for the Deaf Features Unique RadioLINK Wireless Technology

Aico Ltd has announced the launch of the Ei170RF Alarm system for the deaf, for use with its unique RadioLINK wireless interconnect mains powered smoke and heat alarm system.

For the first time, people requiring the special protection afforded by an Alarm for the deaf can also benefit from all the advantages of a wireless interconnect smoke alarm system. These include greatly reduced disruption to property, increased tenant compliance, greater design flexibility and much reduced installation time. The lack of hard-wired interconnection also makes it easier to add or remove the unit to a property as tenants change.

EI170RF protecting your deat and hard of
hearing guests

The new Ei170RF is a RadioLINK system purpose-designed to provide warning of smoke / heat alarm activation to deaf or hard of hearing tenants. It consists of a control box with integral strobe light and a separate plug-in vibration pad.

The control box itself uses RadioLINK RF technology to interconnect wirelessly to up to 12 other RadioLINK units in the property. It has a built-in high-intensity Xenon strobe with a specially designed lens that provides wide-angled light output. An integral ‘Test’ button is also present on the front of the box, allowing a safe and easy means of testing the control box, the vibrating pad and the RadioLINK bases and alarms on the system. Visual indicators confirm both RF transmission, power and battery status. The control box can be wall or surface mounted to suit individual requirements.

The vibration pad has a simple plug-in connection to the control box and is designed to be placed under a pillow to wake people who fail to respond to the visual warning signal.

The Ei170RF is designed to be powered from a permanent mains supply, but also contains a sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery that will provide essential back-up power in the case of any mains failure.

The Ei170RF features advanced transceiver and signal coding technology coupled with a unique House-Coding feature to ensure robust and reliable RF signalling. This House-Code feature allows a system of RadioLINK devices to be quickly and easily coded together to prevent any interference from neighbouring systems.

The Ei170RF features advanced transceiver and signal coding technology coupled with a unique House-Coding feature to ensure robust and reliable RF signalling. This House-Code feature allows a system of RadioLINK devices to be quickly and easily coded together to prevent any interference from neighbouring systems.


GEZE door closers now in stock!

GEZE TS4000 Overhead Door Closer – Power Size EN 1-6

Safelincs now offers a wide range of GEZE door closers. These door closers are manufactured in Germany and come with an amazing 10 year warranty.

This new range of GEZE door closers are available for both single and double action doors. This innovative range includes overhead and concealed door closers. Safelincs have also introduced the TS4000E, which is an electro-hydraulic hold open. This function closes the door only when the fire alarm is activated.

GEZE door closers conform to the current EN standards, such as EN1155 and EN1158. The door closers are also certified by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), indicating they meet the highest standards of function and design.

For more information, please visit the GEZE Door closer section on our web site.