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Help & Advice

What is fire safety?

More info about What is fire safety?

A helpful guide detailing the different aspects of fire safety and the duties of a responsible person.

Fire Safety Reminders

Free Smoke Alarm Reminder Service

This is a free service that will periodically email you or send you an SMS when your equipment needs testing or maintenance.

Directory of Fire Safety Installers

Free Directory of Fire Safety Installers

Are you looking for a fire safety installation specialist? This helpful directory can help you find installers in your area.

Fire Risk Assessment

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

What are Fire Risk Assessments? Where to find more information? Our helpful article should help.

Landlords and Fire Safety

Landlords and Fire Safety

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords. A selection of specific editorials to help cover your tenants and you.

Fire Safety Forum

Fire Safety Forum

Why not post a question in our forum if you need to ask a product question or need fire safety advice?

Fire Services in England

More info about Fire Services in England

An A-Z list of English fire services and brigades, including contact addresses and phone numbers.

Advice for Students

Fire Safety Help Guide for Students

Fire safety help and advice for students and what to look out for when your living away from home.

Fire Safety in Schools

More info about Fire Safety in Schools

Information and statistics about the importance of fire safety in schools.

Protecting Fire Safety Equipment Against Vandalism and Damage

More info about Protecting Fire Safety Equipment Against Vandalism and Damage

This article looks at the preventative measures that can be taken to dissuade vandalism or malicious operation of fire equipment.

Fire Prevention in the Home

Help guide about Fire Prevention in the Home

How can families protect themselves from fire? What is your fire escape procedure?

British Standards

British Standards including up to date BS and EN standards

Our British Standards section includes up to date BS and EN standards relevant to the fire safety and health and safety sector.

Caravan Fire Safety Tips

Caravan Fire Safety Tips

Helpful tips and advice to make sure you stay safe in your caravan this season.

Do you comply?

Fire Safety Order and Fire Risk Assessment

An article exploring the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and what it means if you don't comply.

Fire Safety Resources

Fire Safety Resources and Fire Safety Information

A range of fire safety guides, and other helpful resources such as posters and leaflets.

Links to Fire Safety Guides and Literature

More info about Links to Fire Safety Guides and Literature

Links to helpful fire safety guides and literature such as fire risk assessment guides.

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