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Emergency Bulkhead Lights

A full range of emergency lighting luminaires, including wall and ceiling mounted bulkheads, recessed lighting and decorative emergency luminaries.

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Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

Illuminated emergency fire exit signs, including wall and ceiling mounted signs, hanging signs and recessed signs for suspended ceilings.

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Self-Test Emergency Lighting & Signs

Self-test emergency lighting bulkheads and fire exit signs automatically test their circuitry and batteries saving you time and money having to do it manually.

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LED Emergency
Lighting and Signs

Our range of energy and cost saving emergency LED lighting products using the latest LED technology to maximise efficiency without compromising quality.

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Emergency Twinspot Lights

Emergency spotlights are designed for use in high areas or large areas, such as warehouses or construction sites. We offer a range of different models.

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Ancillary Products

A selection of essential spares for emergency light units including replacement lamps, replacement batteries, self-test keys, vandal cages and more.

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Special Offers

Providing you with special offers across our full range of emergency lighting and illuminated fire exit signs, we have a selection of popular units at discounted prices.

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Product Videos

Our product videos explain the different types of emergency lighting and describes the use of emergency lighting in fire risk assessments.

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