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Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm with Alkaline Back-up Battery - Ei146

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Product Overview
Mains powered optical smoke alarm from EI
  • Battery backup in case of power failure (alkaline battery included)
  • Available in two versions:
  • 5 year warranty
  • A maximum of 12 units can be interconnected via 3 core interconnection cable
  • Other smoke alarms that can be interconnected include:
  • Kitemarked to BS EN 14604:2005
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade D, E and F
  • CE marked
  • Hush button for false alarm control
  • Low battery LED indicator
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs

The table below shows all the units that can interconnect with the EI146RC.

Alarms from the Same Series
Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
Ei141RC Ionisation Alarm Hard wire using 3 core interconnection cable
Ei144RC Heat Alarm Hard wire using 3 core interconnection cable
Ancillary Products
Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
Y03 Multi Frequency Sounder Hard wire using 3 core interconnection cable
MCP401RC Manual Call Point Hard wire using 3 core interconnection cable
Ei1529RC Smoke Alarm Locate, Hush and Remote Test Switch Hard wire using 3 core interconnection cable
Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm with Alkaline Back-up Battery - Ei146.

Back-Up Battery 9V Alkaline
Sound Output 85dB (minimum) at 3m
Humidity Range 15% to 95% Relative Humidity
Dimensions (HxDia) 50x152mm
Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C

Technical Data Sheets

The following technical data sheets are available for this product:

FAQs (8)

Q. For mains powered Aico smoke and heat alarms, when the electricity supply fails and the back up battery takes over, please can you tell me how long the battery will last in this situation?

A. For mains powered Aico alarms with a new, fully charged lithium back up battery, the battery would last approx. 3-6 months without a mains supply. For mains powered Aico alarms with a standard alkaline back up battery, the battery would last up to a year without mains supply. If the alarm has been installed with an Ei168RC radio frequency base, please note that the Ei168RC back up battery would last approx 2 months if the power fails.

Q. My detector does not have "RC" stated at the end of the code. What does this stand for?

A. The RC just refers to "Remote Control" as the unit can be fitted to a radio-frequency base for interconnection. The model hasn't changed but the manufacturers changed the product code slightly in reference to this.

Q. Can I upgrade an existing Ei140 series base with a Ei160 series smoke alarm?

A. Yes, the bases for the Ei140 and Ei160 series are identical units and are interchangeable.

Q. How do you wire in the Ei140/Ei160 series of smoke alarms?

A. To wire the units correctly you would use 2 core and earth cable to the first unit and 3 core and earth to the interconnected units. The alarms do not have to be earthed but a brass screw connector is provided so that the earth can be safety terminated.

Q. Can I link a CO detector with a Ei140 smoke alarm?

A. Yes, we recommend the Ei261EN. You should also install a Ei159 locator to allow you to find out if the alarm was triggered by CO gas or by fire.

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Pricing & Availability

Model Stock Levels Price Weight
Ei146EK Replacement Detector Head Kit
Product Code: EI146EK
In Stock

£22.99 ex VAT

£27.59 inc VAT

Ei146RC Optical Smoke Alarm
Product Code: EI146RC
In Stock

£23.99 ex VAT

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Customer Reviews

27 customers have rated this product and it has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5

All reviews are written by real customers that have purchased the product from us and are published without modification

Reviewed by: MS

7th February 2016

Easy fit replacement unit, battery fitted so works straight away. Website info is excellent, ordering easy and prompt delivery.

Reviewed by: EJ

14th November 2015

Needed as a replacement. Perfect match

Reviewed by: CP

14th August 2015

easy to fit

Reviewed by: SL

13th April 2015

very easy to install. excellent customer service.

Reviewed by: BF

28th March 2015

very helpful customer service indicated most appropriate replacement detectors that were sent quickly and are clearly of excellent quality.

Reviewed by: AO

25th March 2015

The product arrived promptly and fitted perfectly.

Reviewed by: LA

27th December 2014

Excellent product and Easy to install

Reviewed by: SB

26th October 2014

really good service

Reviewed by: KS

18th August 2014

Very good service one was faulty changed straight away

Reviewed by: IS

6th July 2014

Certainly not as annoyingly sensitive as the ironisation one

Reviewed by: JI

30th December 2013

Easy to find product using the internet,replaced and workingin minutes

Reviewed by: SS

10th September 2013

Easy to Fit Replacement

Reviewed by: CG

9th September 2013

Excellent product, easy installation. If this is a new installation, you need to remember to buy the seperate base plate.

Reviewed by: NW

29th June 2013

Excellent service

Reviewed by: NF

30th January 2013

Not Rated

It was a replacement product for the ionising version we previously had. It seems to be a good product but still early days. It's great that they are mains powered and that they have a 10-year life.

Reviewed by: ST

4th December 2012

Not Rated


Reviewed by: -

8th November 2012

good value for money does the job brilliant

Reviewed by: -

3rd September 2012

Not Rated

Good product, easy to install and works well with high audibility also looks quite smart

Reviewed by: -

30th June 2012

Reviewed by: -

8th June 2012

Reviewed by: -

26th March 2012

Reviewed by: -

9th March 2012

Reviewed by: -

20th February 2012

Reviewed by: -

16th February 2012

Reviewed by: -

28th January 2012

Reviewed by: -

10th January 2012

Not Rated


Reviewed by: -

2nd November 2011

Not Rated

Easy to install

Reviewed by: -

14th October 2011

Reviewed by: -

1st October 2011

Not Rated

I was pleased to be able to replace a previous ionisation version based outside the kitchen with this optical version ( again an easy straight replacement). It has already stopped the false alarms we used to get when grilling or tasting food.

Reviewed by: -

9th July 2011

Not Rated

good smoke alarm. It is very sensitive and it is very loud and so it does it's job. It is a bit fiddly to get the head off of the base though. This is the first time one of my old ones has gone wrong and it's 7 years old. You can't fry steak or burn toast with it if it is in the same room though, it goes on forever!!

Reviewed by: -

29th April 2011

A replacement for an old unit so just as expected

Reviewed by: -

21st April 2011

Reviewed by: -

13th December 2010

Reviewed by: -

5th July 2010

Not Rated

simple to fit over the existing baseplate - replacing an existing alarm. So far no nuisance alarms - advice offered seems to be 100% correct.

Reviewed by: -

9th May 2010

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