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Longlife Battery Powered Optical Smoke Alarm - Kidde KE10Y29

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Product Overview

The Kidde KE10Y29 is an optical smoke alarm with a 10 year sealed longlife lithium battery. The detector is fitted with a hush button, to silence false alarms, and a 'low volume' test function that makes testing your alarm less obtrusive. The slimline body of the alarm makes the KE10Y29 less of an eye-sore in rooms.

  • Ten year warranty
  • Battery powered - 10 year sealed longlife lithium battery
  • Certified to BS EN 14604:2005
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade F
  • CE marked
  • Slimline Dimensions (HxDia.): 40mm x 104mm 
  • Test facility (Full circuit, horn, battery and alarm test)
  • Reduced volume test function
  • Hush button
  • Low battery alert using advanced computing to determine night time to avoid low battery warnings during the night
  • LED indicating power on and alarm activation
  • Tamper-proof design
Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Longlife Battery Powered Optical Smoke Alarm - Kidde KE10Y29.

Product Code KE10Y29
Weight 0.40kg
Dimensions (HxDia) 41x104mm
Sound Output 85dB
Battery Type Longlife Lithium
Temperature Range 0C to +40C
Humidity Range Up to 85% Relative Humidity (RH)

Technical Data Sheets

The following technical data sheets are available for this product:

FAQs (1)

Q. What is the difference between the 10Y29 and the Kidde PE910?

A. The 10Y29 is smaller in diameter, has a large test button to allow the use of a broom handle for testing the smoke alarm and has been tested not only to BS EN standards but also to additional, very demanding German standards, which have reduced the likelihood of nuisance alarms.

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Product Code: KE10Y29
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Customer Reviews

141 customers have rated this product and it has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5

All reviews are written by real customers that have purchased the product from us and are published without modification

Reviewed by: MH

25th January 2016

Small, compact, long life battery essential, ideal product for high awkward ceiling

Reviewed by: JW

10th January 2016

This looks as good as my previous eight year old model. However I haven't installed it yet as it is smaller in diameter than the older model I was hoping I would be able to use the fitting from the previous model which is already on the ceiling put up by the fire brigade.The new one will involve me trying to drill a new hole or holes in the ceiling and try to fit it properly.I don't feel I can do that so I am now without a smoke alarm.

Reviewed by: NW

21st December 2015

Excellent product and customer service

Reviewed by: JA

17th December 2015

Easy to install

Reviewed by: JP

2nd December 2015

Exactly what was described in your catalogue

Reviewed by: AB

30th November 2015


Reviewed by: RH

28th November 2015

Very neat and easy to install The green LED is unobtrusive, which is useful in a bedroom. A very neat device, with a 10-year battery %u2014 fit and forget for some time (apart from occasional testing).

Reviewed by: JG

20th October 2015

Great product as specified

Reviewed by: CW

14th October 2015

So small you forget it's there!

Reviewed by: JK

13th October 2015

Right price, right features, arrived quickly, easy to install. Can't ask for more than that.

Reviewed by: ST

9th October 2015

Good produce and easy to install.

Reviewed by: DB

21st September 2015

Easy to install peace of mind it lasts 10years

Reviewed by: BL

20th September 2015

First class product

Reviewed by: HS

18th September 2015

very good product. good quality. easy to use and install

Reviewed by: BJ

15th September 2015

A 10 year Battery life makes this an exceptional piece of safety equipment.

Reviewed by: GE

13th September 2015

Alarms yet to go off....long may that continue!!! Product seems fine.

Reviewed by: ME

7th September 2015

easy to put up, perfect for open plan, just outside the kitchen

Reviewed by: JP

3rd September 2015


Reviewed by: NP

2nd September 2015

Excellent product and value for money.

Reviewed by: JG

24th August 2015

Easy to fit

Reviewed by: KO

22nd August 2015

Simple but effective.

Reviewed by: CR

10th August 2015

Easy and quick It was very disappointing that buying 7 of these was so much cheaper buying indirectly via Amazon than direct from safelincs.

Reviewed by: CJ

3rd August 2015

Easy to install and well built

Reviewed by: TC

2nd August 2015

Product arrived promptly and was easy to install.

Reviewed by: JB

30th July 2015

Good quality, compact, attractive and easy to install.

Reviewed by: AM

23rd July 2015

Previous KE10Y29 battery failed prematurely Disappointed with battery life of 3 years vs 10 year guarantee

Reviewed by: MB

26th June 2015

Good priced product

Reviewed by: FH

8th June 2015

Correct technical advice given, product arrived and fitted Thanks

Reviewed by: DC

19th May 2015

easy fit, smart, value for money

Reviewed by: MH

9th May 2015

A compact unit with all required features. Easy to fit and a reasonable price.

Reviewed by: AW

7th May 2015

Replaced previous smoke alarm nesr kitchen that gave frequent false alarms - this has cut those out completely!

Reviewed by: SW

3rd May 2015

Easy to install and check each wee

Reviewed by: CP

29th April 2015

Super simple!

Reviewed by: BH

6th April 2015

Extremely pleased with these smoke alarms Like the long life battery performance & the easy installation & the purchase price, I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for similar

Reviewed by: CC

5th April 2015

Great Product Easily installed and set up

Reviewed by: JU

28th March 2015

Delighted to say it has not gone off yet.

Reviewed by: JD

23rd March 2015

Easy to test with broom handle.

Reviewed by: ME

11th March 2015

Excellent service and good looking product

Reviewed by: LG

11th March 2015

Quick and easy to install, working fine so far, just what we needed

Reviewed by: FP

8th March 2015

No problems so far!

Reviewed by: JH

1st March 2015

10 yr battery good, neat smoke alarm not very noticeable

Reviewed by: TW

13th February 2015

Easy to fit and test, but hope it will never have to come in "useful".

Reviewed by: RH

2nd February 2015

Well built quality product

Reviewed by: PR

31st January 2015

A reassuring product

Reviewed by: NS

31st January 2015

It's working but the proof of any alarm is do they work when you need them - I hope never to have to find out

Reviewed by: SC

26th January 2015

Does the job, good delivery.

Reviewed by: DK

22nd January 2015

Easy to fit it to the wall.

Reviewed by: CK

9th January 2015

Easy to fit. Works when testing the button.

Reviewed by: CD

6th January 2015

Kept alarming for no reason Alarm kept going off. I rang customer service and they said an insect might have got into it and to blow with cold hairdryer!! It still doesn't work and alarm goes off randomly.

Reviewed by: JP

1st January 2015

Easy to install and the service from Safelincs was great

Reviewed by: CG

28th December 2014

easy to fit

Reviewed by: JF

28th December 2014


Reviewed by: AM

19th December 2014

Great product

Reviewed by: ND

16th December 2014

Battery went flat within 2 months. Hopefully this is just a 1-off.

Reviewed by: AM

14th December 2014

Good quaity and prompt service

Reviewed by: JN

14th December 2014

not that we've had a fire, but appears to work well, neat, tidy, compact....does what it says on the tin

Reviewed by: CT

13th December 2014

Took minutes to install and will not need to be touched for 10 years

Reviewed by: WW

6th December 2014

Appears to be what I expected. Only a real situation will prove it, so I hope it doesn't need to be proven. Slightly smaller than the one it was replacing but I decided to leave the original and position it in a better place. The original was too near to the kitchen door and was set off by the oven.

Reviewed by: TS

6th December 2014

excellent product and easy to fit

Reviewed by: CW

17th November 2014

The first product was faulty,but was exchanged quickly & efficiently

Reviewed by: BB

6th November 2014

Solid construction, lifetime battery, testing button, operation led, etc. It inspires confidence.

Reviewed by: LH

23rd October 2014

easy to fit, neat and compact. good vale

Reviewed by: JJ

19th October 2014

Excellent product as per description Product was recommended by the fire service and it has not disappointed. I would recommend to anybody

Reviewed by: MJ

7th October 2014

Sturdy product, easy to install and operate.

Reviewed by: CG

5th October 2014

Very easy to fit and just the job.

Reviewed by: VR

29th September 2014

Product as expected

Reviewed by: MC

29th September 2014

looks good and works well during test. hopefully works well in practice.

Reviewed by: PY

20th September 2014

Seems to be an excellent product

Reviewed by: RE

17th September 2014

Very impressed. A good fire alarm. Reliable so far.

Reviewed by: GL

12th September 2014

10 year battery life is excellent for us seniors which saves us having to get on step ladder every year to change battery. Ta Great for us older people not to have to climb up to change the battery every year and gives us peace of mind.

Reviewed by: PW

21st August 2014

Easy installation. Easy testing Very compact alarm which can be installed with no fuss. Ten year battery gives peace of mind. Compact design.

Reviewed by: TB

11th August 2014


Reviewed by: CH

18th July 2014

Excellent product, small although not very flat, easy to install.

Reviewed by: BD

17th July 2014

Simple to install. Monthly notification to test alarm is good

Reviewed by: MH

8th July 2014

so far so good only been fitted since May but all good so far and easy to fit.

Reviewed by: HO

23rd June 2014

Good value for money, good instructions, quickly fitted.

Reviewed by: BG

22nd June 2014

attractive items We were worried at first as one of them appeared to not work but did so after we placed the actual unit onto its backing on the wall. So far so good.

Reviewed by: SR

16th June 2014

very pleased with service

Reviewed by: KM

8th June 2014

Product exactly as we wanted covered description given by a member of the fire service.

Reviewed by: FK

22nd May 2014

Very easy to install, just need to see how long battery lasts!

Reviewed by: CC

22nd May 2014

Great value. Easy to install

Reviewed by: SG

20th May 2014

easy to install. No fuss.

Reviewed by: JB

16th May 2014

good product,quick delivery, good packaging. keep doing it right

Reviewed by: KT

14th May 2014

Excellent value for money. Not much to pay for peace of mind. Excellent service and delivery. Will use Safelincs again.

Reviewed by: EH

8th May 2014

Easy to put up, seems to work as it should. Good stuff!

Reviewed by: AS

30th April 2014

Will only really know long term, but it is working perfectly so far

Reviewed by: RM

27th April 2014

As described, also is neat and unobtrusive on my narrowboat.

Reviewed by: CG

11th April 2014

Item easy to install and test

Reviewed by: MM

26th March 2014

excellent detector looks attractive easy to fit clear instructions

Reviewed by: PJ

5th March 2014

first class product so easy to fit.great quality and good value.

Reviewed by: PH

28th February 2014

Kidde are excellent have 5 of their alarms Kidde is well known to me as far back as the 1960's the units are very compact and with 10 year battery life (non removable) they are perfect. Smoke alarms can be purchased for much less but what price safety and reliability.

Reviewed by: CD

19th February 2014

Excellent service, excellent product.

Reviewed by: JM

17th February 2014

does what it says it wil do I have always been safet aware, and this product does what it says it will do, and sufficient for me to feel safe that if anything unfor seen happens, I will be alerterd . thanks for the chance to air my views.... john maclean

Reviewed by: LF

17th February 2014

easy to fit and quickly delivered

Reviewed by: WP

15th February 2014

Neat and easy to fit product.

Reviewed by: TM

13th January 2014

Very good, and easy to install. An excellent product, simple operation and the additional service of regular reminder to test the alarm is a bonus.

Reviewed by: MJ

7th January 2014

Just the job -piece of mind.

Reviewed by: CS

4th January 2014

Easy to install and looks good. That's it till 2023 then !

Reviewed by: BD

3rd January 2014


Reviewed by: PD

21st December 2013

Excellent product I purchased these smoke alarms to replace two 16 year old mains alarms fitted when the house was built and were now malfunctioning. I needed long life alarms as I am disabled and stepladders are now difficult for me. These alarms were fitted as per instructions and work fine. I would unreservedly recommend these alarms.

Reviewed by: MH

12th December 2013

Comprehensive instructions made it simple to install

Reviewed by: DR

11th December 2013

You have to have faith in the product for you may only use it once and that is the time your life is at risk !0 years is a long time to have faith in an object that if activated will save your life. One hopes one will never have to test how excellent this alarm is ( nothing happens when I press the rating button ( excellant )

Reviewed by: CS

10th December 2013

Good alarm

Reviewed by: SC

9th December 2013

Very neat looking alarm

Reviewed by: NT

8th December 2013

easy to assemble very good price. easy to assemble. fix to the ceiling very well with no more nail. recommend to others.

Reviewed by: SC

28th November 2013

tidy can be tricky to line up and still not sure its correctly installed but it is at least up there

Reviewed by: RW

25th November 2013

a1 first rate will deal again thank you

Reviewed by: JS

16th November 2013

Easy to fit not too senetive

Reviewed by: MC

21st October 2013

Small and unobtrusive

Reviewed by: PW

14th October 2013

Smart design and super easy to install I'm a female pensioner with limited DIY skills but managed to screw these to my ceilings with no problems at all. They look very unobtrusive and work a treat

Reviewed by: SF

7th October 2013

good to know that battery lasts. this is a great product and I think there needs to be a big campaign on how smoke alarms can be a lifesaver as there are still people I know who don't have one.....unbelievable these days!!

Reviewed by: SM

23rd September 2013

Easy to put up, very unobtrusive, have forgotten they are even there.

Reviewed by: HM

16th September 2013

Small, neat, with useful one button (end-of-a-broom sized) test button. Love idea of the built in 10 battery life.

Reviewed by: GR

11th September 2013

easy to fit and test - hope i never need it

Reviewed by: DN

6th September 2013

nice to know i am protected for 10 years - makes sleeping easier nice to know I am protected for 10 years - makes sleeping easier,

Reviewed by: JW

3rd September 2013

Looks good - give us piece of mind

Reviewed by: CH

2nd September 2013

Excellent value for peace of mind!

Reviewed by: AA

10th August 2013

Brilliant :) Quite small and unobtrusive. Easy and quick to put up, and no more need to get the step ladder out! Big hush/test button with a recess to 'grab' the end of a broom, and no batteries to change.

Reviewed by: MM

10th August 2013

Small and very neat :-)

Reviewed by: JP

5th August 2013

seems to be efficient

Reviewed by: JM

22nd July 2013

Very easy to install - hope I never have to find out how good it really is...

Reviewed by: DS

19th July 2013

A silent sentry giving one confidence.

Reviewed by: RJ

17th July 2013

my only caveat with this alarm is that it doesn't seem very loud,

Reviewed by: KF

30th June 2013

No problems. Ordered on line. Speedy efficient delivery. It works well. The toaster set it off!

Reviewed by: GK

23rd June 2013

Exactly as described and good value for money.

Reviewed by: TM

12th June 2013

Seems very sound.

Reviewed by: JC

9th June 2013

A well-made lightweight product, but I can't give it four stars until ten years have passed!

Reviewed by: RB

8th June 2013

easy to fit no batteries to fit for ten years ideal.

Reviewed by: JW

3rd June 2013

Excellent product very satisfied

Reviewed by: MF

2nd June 2013

discreet, smart, easy to fit.

Reviewed by: PF

29th May 2013

Look good & perfect for the job very impressed.

Reviewed by: JH

22nd May 2013

Easy to fit, reassuring quality

Reviewed by: BP

20th May 2013

It is so small i don't even notice it and it is reassuring to know that I will not have to replace the battery .

Reviewed by: RS

17th May 2013

good quality product and long term value

Reviewed by: PS

4th May 2013

compact & easy to install, & use

Reviewed by: DB

1st May 2013

Simple to fit, easy to test, very loud

Reviewed by: GG

4th January 2013

Does all that is needed and more!

Reviewed by: CM

6th December 2012

All-white design means that it blends in quite well, but it is higher than expected and therefore fairly obtrusive. The black writing on one side is irritating as you cannot remove it.

Reviewed by: -

24th October 2012

Reviewed by: -

23rd January 2012

Reviewed by: -

10th January 2012

Not Rated

Excellent product, very slim and smaller than thought, looks good also.

Reviewed by: -

28th December 2011

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