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Surface Mount Kit which includes Ei128R and Ei128COV with 5 Amp Relay - Ei128C

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£34.19 ex VAT
(£41.03 inc VAT)

The EI128 relay switches when a connected alarm/detector is triggered and allows the control of ancillary devices such as door closers, gas shut-off valves, extractor fans, remote sounders, lights and warden call systems.This kit includes the relay base and cover.

  • Can be linked in with the Ei140 & Ei160 series smoke alarms
  • Features a 5 amp relay with switchable pulse option, for connection to remote devices.
  • Kit includes a relay base and cover

This is the technical data for the Surface Mount Kit which includes Ei128R and Ei128COV with 5 Amp Relay - Ei128C.

Product Code EI128C
Weight 0.16kg
Dimensions (HxDia) 21x141mm

Q. In our flats we have a smoke detector about 1.5 metres from the kitchen door which is normally open. When triggered, this calls the fire brigade. We need a smoke detector to be placed immediately above toasters, grills and microwaves with a normally closed relay 230V 5A that can be connected in series with the appliance. Can you supply.

A. The Ei140 or Ei160 series of detectors are mains powered with a back up battery. For a kitchen area, it is recommended to install a heat detector as opposed to a smoke detector. This is because the heat detector is activated when the temperature inside the room reaches approx. 57degC, therefore it does not sound falsely when cooking fumes are present. When installing a heat detector, please note that this should be fitted centrally in the room and not directly above any cooking appliances. The steam from e.g. pans, kettles and toasters is hot and could activate the detector if it was installed directly above them. To connect the heat detector to an external device, you would need to use an Ei128R surface mount with 5amp relay. When the heat detector is triggered, the Ei128R signals ancillary devices.

Q. I need to install a number of alarms to an existing panel mains system, but don't want to install new wires everywhere. Can I install wireless units that will link to the panel system?

A. You can install mains powered radio-interlinked alarms in the rooms and a mains powered alarm with an Ei128R base near the central control panel. The Ei128R base would then be connected with wire to the panel.

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Surface Mount Kit which includes Ei128R and Ei128COV with 5 Amp Relay - Ei128C
Product Code: EI128C
Low Stock

£34.19 ex VAT

(£41.03 inc VAT)


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